Thank you for visiting The Institute of Real Estate Development & Investment (“IREDI”).

You are now taking the first steps to understand the real estate development process and discover how to apply that knowledge in your career. Whether your goal is to become a real estate developer or to better understand the process to more effectively serve your clients, this comprehensive mentoring course will teach you the appropriate tools and help establish the strong foundation necessary for a career in real estate development.

We currently offer three types of programs.

  1. Just the purchase of the course modules as an E-Book
  2. All of the material in this course as a Home Study Course
  3. The Mentoring Course


  • Develop the practical foundation and tools you need to begin a career in real estate development through the following:
    • Seventeen multimedia lessons with text, illustrations and forms
    • Sixteen audio presentations with Guest Speaker on various topics and Case Studies
    • The use of planEASe® software for financial feasibility analysis
    • Field assignments
    • Course project
    • The Forum discussion board to ask and have questions answered
    • An Appendix with
      • Glossary with over 900 Real Estate Terms
      • Real Estate Development Procedural Procedural Diagram
      • Forty-one checklists on numerous topics, i.e. the development process, lot development, marketing, zoning
      • Twenty-six sample legal documents used in the real estate development process
      • Development Lifecycle Timeline
    • Website with links to the following Resources:
      • Data Sources
      • Real Estate Trade Associations
      • Real Estate Magazines
      • Real Estate Books
      • Real Estate Software
      • Debt & Equity
      • Real Estate Programs
      • Top 25 Developers of various product type
      • Videos
      • Articles
    • A Blog that will include up to date, topical articles on various real estate development articles written by seasoned professionals
  • Learn about topics such as:
    • How to determine what type of project to develop
    • How to find the best land parcel to develop
    • How to do the due diligence required for a successful project
    • How to prepare a feasibility and market study
    • How to set up the best team to assist in developing the project
    • How to design a successful and economically profitable deal
    • How to avoid construction pitfalls
    • How to finance the deal
    • How to crunch and analyze the numbers
    • How and where to find equity for the transaction
    • How to market the property and fill up the space
    • How to manage the property for profitability
    • How and when to resell the property
  • Learn about various product types
    • Lot Development
    • Apartments – conventional and low income housing tax credit
    • Office
    • Industrial
    • Retail
    • Mixed Use Developments


Traditionally, there are two methods to get into real estate development. The first method is to work for a real estate developer and learn as you go. Today, most real estate developers have either scaled back on their staff or retired so this limits the opportunity to learn from the ground up. The second method is to invest a great deal of time (1 – 2 years) and money ($20,000 – $60,000) into a graduate degree in real estate development. Although that education is valuable, it is often more theory than practical applications.

This course is more than just reading the text. It is designed to be an intensive five month mentoring course giving one-on-one instruction. Through “The Forum,” students have the ability to ask questions and receive (within 24 – 48 hours) feedback on the course text, assignments and the course project.

This unique course is designed to give students a step-by-step process of real estate development that goes way beyond classroom theory. Real life experiences will be included through the participation of guest speakers, who will discuss their roles in the real estate development process. In addition, you will have the rare opportunity to listen to successful developers present a case study on an actual deal and discuss the issues they faced and how they solved these problems.

The concept of this real estate development course is to learn the process and why and how things flow. An airline pilot who has flown for years knows how to fly with his eyes closed but still goes through a checklist and pre-flight plan before he takes off. Development is no different, you need a thorough business plan, including due diligence and a complete checklist. Calculated risk is the name of the game but this course will give the student the skills to minimize the risk out of the deal.

At the end of this process, students will have learned how the development process works, and should be in a position to begin their first successful real estate development. Upon complete of this course material, The Institute of Real Estate Development & Investment will present the student with a Certificate of Completion.


This course is designed for those individuals who want to become a future real estate developer, want to work for a real estate developer or service their developer clients more effectively. Students of IREDI want to learn more than just “development theory” from an academic with no real-world development experience.  Instead, they desire, a “hands-on” mentoring approach. from a seasoned professional who has learned through trial and error and can demonstrate the application of class material through actual experiences.

This course is designed for:

  • Future real estate developers
  • Experienced developers who want more structure in their development process
  • Project managers who want to understand all of the phases in the real estate development process
  • Bankers who need to know how the process works so that they can make betters loans
  • Real estate land brokers
  • Real estate leasing agents
  • Real estate investment sales agents
  • General contractors
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Appraisers
  • Public planners
  • Corporate real estate representatives
  • Land owners who want to joint venture with a developer
  • Academic professors who need “boots on the ground” experience in order to teach their students


This course is not a “Get Rich Quick” or motivational course. The intent of this course is to teach the process to develop successful real estate projects from soup to nuts. This course is not for someone who does not want to:

  • Spend time fully reading the material
  • Complete the field assignments and course project
  • Listen to the audios and video presentations
  • Ask questions

Thank you for taking the time to view our website. We look forward to working with you as you take the initial steps toward a career in real estate development.