Module 5

Responding to the Government

  1. Areas of Concern
    • Governmental Agencies
  2. How Governmental Regulations Affect Development Management
    • Development Management
    • Design and Construction
  3. Project Finance and Accounting
  4. Leasing, Marketing and Brokerage
  5. Property Management and Operations
  6. Decision Making Considerations in Site Acquisition
    • Local Zoning and Lad Use Policies
      • What is Zoning?
      • Land Use Plans
      • Local Moratoriums
      • Building and Development Fees (Impact Fees)
    • How the Developer Should Approach Zoning
      • Role of the Zoning Attorney
      • Preparing the Zoning Application
      • Questions that will be Asked of the Developer
    • Zoning Variances
      • Administrative Approval
      • Density
      • Asking for Revisions to Building Density Allowances
      • Placing the Rezoning Signs on the Property
      • Notice to the Neighbors
      • Meeting with the Local Planning and Development Agencies
      • Negotiating with the City Officials
      • Neighborhood Planning Areas: Learning to Compromise
      • City/County Zoning Boards
      • Zoning Hearing
      • Zoning Appeal Process
      • Playing the Local Political Game
      • Being a Concerned Citizen as Well as a Businessman
      • A Word of Caution
    • Air Traffic
    • Historic Buildings and Sites
    • Hazardous Waste
    • Wetlands
    • Flood Plains
    • Erosion and Sediment Control
    • Stream Banks Protection
    • Air Pollution Regulations
    • Waterways
    • Storm Water Management
  7. No Construction Without a Permit
    • Land Disturbance Permit
    • Building Permit
    • Certificate of Occupancy or Occupancy Permit
    • Cooperation During the Permitting Process
    • Use Your Design Consultants
    • Programming Using Code Synopsis Review
    • Safety During Construction
    • Compliance with Codes During Construction
    • Building Codes Most Often Used
  8. Regulations in Project Finance and Accounting
  9. The Sale and Leasing of Real Estate
  10. Safety and Protection of Building Occupants
    • Environmental Issues
    • Employee Safety
    • Tenant Development Construction
    • Ongoing Inspections
  11. Working with Government Officials