Module 9

Financing the Deal

  1. Maximizing Financial Returns
    • Using Mortgage Brokers
    • The Use of Leverage
    • Borrowing to Reduce the Equity in the Development
    • Non Leverage Risk Aversion
  2. Financing for the Development Phase
    • Sources of Development Loans
    • Types of Development Loans
      • Land Acquisition Loans
      • Construction Loans
    • Construction Loan Issues
    • Construction Loan Commitment
  3. Funding the Permanent Loan
    • Sources of Permanent Financing
    • Types of Permanent Loans
    • Permanent Loan Questions and Issues
    • Permanent Loan Commitment
  4. How to Prepare a Loan Package
  5. How the Appraisal Process Works
  6. Negotiating the Terms and Conditions of the Loan
    • Lender’s Decision-Making Process
    • How a Lender Prices the Loan
    • Financial Guarantees
    • Points to Remember When Negotiating for a Loan
  7. Closing the Loan
  8. Permanent Lender’s Closing Checklist
  9. Refinancing the Property